Special offer for students - ALWAYS 10% OFF


Dear Student, In our print shop you are always entitled to a 10% discount. The discount is calculated from the final order balance, upon presenting a valid ID card. For orders sent via email, please let us know that you are a student.


We provide:


  • printing and binding theses for undergraduate, engineering, masters' and graduate degrees. 
    Important! Print your thesis with us and you will get a discount for the binding!
    – If you print your thesis in our shop, and the balance exceeds PLN 30.00, the hardcover binding will start from PLN 5.00.

– If you print your thesis in our shop for PLN 20.00, you will get the hardcover binding for as little as PLN 7.50.

  • printing on 5 mm foam
  • scanning maps, plans and archiving documents

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